How to make floral decoration of Hanamikoshi in Mino festival.


I’m coming Mino city of my mother’s house now.

We are preparing for Hanamikoshi used Mino festival.
The festival is very famous in Japan.

So this time, I introduce how to make beautiful floral decoration of Hanamikoshi.

Japanese version
※Please let me know if this article English is wrong.


What’s Mino festival?

As a rule of thumb, it is that of this! :-)


When’s sentence, it would look like this. (from Wikipedia)

Mino Festival , the Gifu Prefecture Mino traditional event that takes place every year in April. It is known for ornate pink floral decoration made of Minowashi Japanese paper. It floats 6 tanks and paste of mechanical dolls that have been produced in the Meiji from Edo I kneaded also to gather Hachiman Shrine. Niwaka can be played by young people of every town in the evening.


Floral decoration of Hanamikoshi is to be

1.For material of floral decoration

This is the paper that becomes the petals of the original.



Of course all is Mino Japanese paper.
It is a bright and beautiful colors.

The Mino Japanese paper, it is handmade Japanese paper, which is also registered in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.

2.Make a Koyori

First of all, by winding a long white paper, we will create a Koyori.


About 30 seconds to make one, it is grandma indeed.

To easy understanding, even video from another angle.

3.Make a petal

To refer to Koyori on colored paper, you can open a flower.


Beautiful flowers bloomed! It is exactly craftsmanship!


After that, which is attached to the stick of bamboo, it is the end.

In conclusion

“Mino Festival” will be held on April 11, 2015 (Saturday) to 12 (Sunday).

The flowers that I and grandma had made its best, but please have everyone looking forward.